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HousingAnywhere facilitates international mobility with its innovative platform and secure booking system. By providing housing solutions in hundreds of cities across the globe, HousingAnywhere offers internationals a range of accommodation, all of which can be safely booked in a few clicks.

HousingAnywhere in a nutshell

Finding a place

Reaching out

Users can browse through thousands of rooms offered by verified advertisers and verified landlords, in 50+ countries and 400+ cities and counting.

With a secure, in-platform messaging system, users and advertisers can chat directly, ask questions and even send attachments.

Booking online

Moving in

A room is booked once a tenant pays the first month's rent via our secure payment system.

Every listing contains a complete description and a gallery with pictures and videos, so there is no need for in-person viewings.

HousingAnywhere holds onto the first month's rent and only pays it out to the advertiser 48 hours after the tenant has moved in.